Rust Issues With the Jaguar XJC

The Common Rust Points in a Jaguar XJC

I intend to list the common rust points that I consider to be the Primary concerns and should be checked out when purchasing a coupe. Some but not all are unique to coupes.  

1. Inadequate Drainage—Rear Quarter Panel

The coupe’s design means it does not have the normal draining facility as provided in a four door car with drain holes in the bottom of the doors.  So water ingress via poor outer rubber seals on the rear quarter windows is drained by a drainage pipe from the cavity below the window lift mechanism. This drain pipe carries the water through the sill panel. Now that is fine except the pipe is far too small in diameter and therefore so easily blocked.  The result is water sits in the cavity below the rear quarter window and can also overflow into the space below the rear seat. I have even had a friend of mine comment on driving a coupe and hearing the water sloshing around under the rear seat.

The rusting will occur in the bottom of the this cavity (Pic 1.), in the under seat area (Pic.4) , in the bottom section of the outer quarter panel (Pic. 5), and in the rear section of the inner sills. (Pic. 6)

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